Redwall Screen Printing is located just south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in Oak Creek. We are a full-service print shop with the latest technology and machinery to ensure high-quality graphics and production alongside top-notch customer service. We enjoy working with a variety of small and large businesses, marketing firms, promo distributors, artists, bands, and retail outfits. No job is too big or too small. We’re here to help with your next project.
Our Team

Jeff Meinlander


It started in his parents’ garage in 1996. “I was playing in bands—the drums. We wanted to try and sell merchandise.” What was originally a means to make gas money as a teenager has, over time, became a lifelong career path for Jeff Meinlander, owner and founder of Redwall.

Nick Katzfey

Art Department

An aficionado for all things art-related, Nick has been with Redwall since 2013. When Nick isn’t preparing perfection at Red Wall, he’s hosting drawing workshops in his spare time. One thing Nick loves about Red Wall? The daily exposure to interesting or oddball print designs.

Amanda Schad

Operations Supervisor

A problem solver through and through, you can find Amanda working directly with the Redwall staff to make sure everything is smooth sailing. Amanda takes any opportunity to learn something new, which explains her appreciation for the diversity of Redwall—”It’s really cool to be part of a company that has so many different backgrounds pushing it forward.”

Jamie Owart

Sales / Customer Service / Relations

Jamie is your guy for all things customer service and sales-related. Since starting at Redwall, he’s been our fountain of funny and proponent for positive workplace morale. As his title would have it, Jamie is eager to “keep customers elated with outstanding products and services.”

Devin King

Sales / Customer Service / Relations

Devin is our champion of Customer Service Relations and Sales. A loyal Redwall customer for 10+ years and employee since 2017, Devin finds joy in seeing customers’ ideas come to life. For Devin, “seeing customers blown away when they pick up their shirts is always the best feeling.”

Maricela Solano Lopez

Human Resources

Redwall’s point person for all things positive and professional, we think of Maricela as our Human Resources Hero. Maricela keeps a “safety first” mindset and is always happy to work with our ___+ employees to keep Redwall running smoothly.

Andrew Kanosky

Art Department

Andrew is one of our in-house artists who has an eye for design and an appetite for problem-solving. Since 2015, Andrew has worked with art providers and our production team to ensure high-quality visual output. For Andrew, spotting a Redwall shirt “in the wild” is always a welcome experience.

Nikolas Medina

DTG Dept Manager

In a way, Nikolas is the captain of our ship. A key player in processing orders of all sizes, Nikolas is responsible for making sure all incoming stock is accounted for and that your order arrives in the right place at the right time.